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A mood for poems

November 17 2013 , Written by Wing-Fai Thi

I am a scientist, not at all a skilled writer or poete. When I am in the mood, I still like to give it a try with an astrophysicist's twist, off-course.


At the telescope

Oh mirror, powerful mirror, what will you let me stare at tonight?

The youth of the Universe, a twin of our Earth, or the flash of dying stars?

Oh light, tireless lone traveller, tell me the story of their life.

So that tonight my dreams would make me wander the Universe.



Empty sky, empty heart

Among the billions of stars in the sky, I have found you.

Your light has hit my soul and my heart.

At you, I can only marvel endlessly.

So unreachable you are.


There is a new book on the search for life in Space. Mike Brown has written a review for the Washington Post 

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