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ALMA et encore ALMA

November 29 2013 , Written by Wing-Fai Thi

Two ALMA proposals. My original plan was zero. Usually zero is bad. Getting a zero mark at an exam is bad.  Having zero euro on his bank account is bad. But for me this zero would have mean freedom, freedom to enjoy my week-end. How am I ending up writing two? If accepted the projects will start at best at the end of 2014. Great! The only thing that I know for sure that will happen in 2014 is that my current contract will finish. For the rest, 2014 is as blurred as the world without my glasses.

Off-course my mind is more inclined in finishing a paper or writing this blog than to start the proposals. A scientific writer’s block. Maybe I should write quirky proposals. At least I would have more fun writing them.

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