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Today is the day of the Doctor

November 23 2013 , Written by Wing-Fai Thi

Doctor Who was created 50 year ago. There are many reasons why I like the show but I would rather talk about the first time I was introduced to it.

I appreciate that in the TV show The Big Bang the scriptwriters have to push to the extreme the personality traits (see a previous blog). A reason why I rarely laugh is that there are situations that parallel my own experience but which happened the opposite way that is portrait in the show.

In the 14th episode of season 5 “The Beta Test Initiation”, Leonard and Penny have started dating again. They both sit in the apartment watching a Doctor Who episode before Penny remarks that she is expecting a more “traditional” outing for a date. I think that it would have been much funnier if it were Penny, the down-to-earth beauty, who introduces Leonard, the geek, to the Doctor Who show instead. And I will tell you why.

Here is a script that is based on a real story but that I have fictionalized to a large extent to keep private things private.

In this story there are two characters: Daniel, a non-British scientist who has recently started his job; and Adele, a beautiful Scottish woman who works outside academia. The place: a train station in Edinburgh. Time: autumn 6.30 pm on a Saturday. Event: second date.

Daniel has booked a table at a new restaurant in town. The two meet.

- Great. We have some time before the dinner. We can enjoy a drink at this new bar on George street.

- Maybe later. You told me that you live nearby.

- Yes.

- Let’s go to your place right now!

Astonished, he led her to the apartment. By the time he turned the door open, she has removed her boots and as soon as she entered the apartment, dropped her coat and asked:

- Where’s the remote control?

He pointed at the black plastic device on the couch.

- Come with me.

She grabbed him by his arm and jumped onto the coach, switched on the TV to BBC 1.

- We are just on time to watch Doctor Who.

- Who?

- Don’t you know Doctor Who? You are supposed to be an astronomer, aren't you?

He looked at the screen and saw something like an old British phone booth but blue (This turns out later to be a Police station) swirling into some kind of warmhole.

- David Tennant. He is so gorgeous!

- The only Tennant I know is the lager.

- He is a Scottish actor and plays the Doctor.

After a moment, she finally explained herself.

- Sorry Daniel, I forgot about the show when you were asking for the date.

They watched the show together and went on to the more “traditional” part of the date where Daniel and Adele kept talking about the show.

On that day, Daniel became a fan of Doctor Who and still is.

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