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December 10 2013 , Written by Wing-Fai Thi

I recently joined an amateur theatre company. As a relatively reserved person, I never dreamed of becoming an actor. And as a scientific-minded person, this is the opposite of seeking the truth; it is about making an audience believe in a story.

The basic elements of acting are the intents: joy, fear, love, disgust, surprise, and anger, together with the text of the play. That’s it. You need to match your body language and facial expression to show your intent and at the same time declaim your text with the right tone and pace. Simple but hard to achieve. At every rehearsal, we practice the intents. The trick is to keep in mind a real-life situation of the intents. It is enjoyable to keep a moment of joy or love in your mind. But keeping one of fear or anger is not very pleasant. The second difficulty for me is to express my emotions, especially to someone who is your fellow actors and actresses. I have to give my full trust to them. This is acting, this is fake. But still.

I do like it. I like understanding psychology but I only read about it. Now I am learning practical psychology. I already see the differences when I interact with people. I also start to analyse seminars as a “play” and the speaker as an “actor” or “actress”. One trick to grab the intention of the audience on an important point: look at the audience, make your statement, and stay silent for the same amount of time you have spoken. There are many other tricks. I will write about them later.

When I will leave France, theatre will be one of activities I will miss.

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