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Blame the scientists!

December 26 2013 , Written by Wing-Fai Thi

France was hit the last few days by a storm. The storm Dirk was not particularly powerful and France is normally well prepared to face those situations. What was not well anticipated was the flooding that hit a few cities. The controversy arose because the authority did not warn the population of the strength of the flooding. The worrying aspect of this story is that the officials are blaming the French weather service, which downplayed the risks.

Nowadays the prophecies of the ancient sibyls are replaced by scientific numerical predictions. Still the population requests certainties that any scientists know impossible to provide, especially in natural science. A few years ago, a group of Italian geologists were convicted of manslaughter. Science and technology have brought tremendous advances to our society but it seems that our society does not understand what science exactly entails, especially all the uncertainties.

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