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Working at night: astronomer or DJ?

January 5 2014 , Written by Wing-Fai Thi

When I say that I am an astronomer, many people asked if I really work at night. It is true that I observe at night while I am at a telescope. But this happens only at most once per year. Most of the time I sit in front of my computer during standard working hours. Nowadays I work more with computer simulations than with the analysis of observations.

I like to try different aspects of places that I visit. I joined my friends to a club in Berlin (Süß war gesten, Friedrichshain). At some stage people were starting to congratulate me and even offer me drinks. It took me a few minutes to make the connection. Two Japanese DJs were playing in one of the dance floors. Most people were mistaking me with one of them! At least, it seems that I have the look of a DJ for a Berlin nightclub (the reference town!). Now I am thinking that I can have two jobs: a day job as astronomer and a night job as DJ!

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