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Learning to watch and to speak

March 10 2014 , Written by Wing-Fai Thi

I would have never predicted that I would like so much my creative hobbies. By devoting the same focus and determination that I had to learn mathematics, physics, chemistry, or doing research I endeavor to master creative photography or acting.

I like to look around me, the buildings, the scenery or watch how people move, talk, or behave. Now I also try to find a poetic aspect or a potential story to people, objects, or buildings. I am learning to have the eyes of a photographer and of an actor.

I am also starting to watch movies with another eyes, trying to see the cinematographic techniques used to convey the director's message or how the actors manage to express their emotions via their facial expression, their gestures, or their voices. It seems that I cannot watch and enjoy a movie without wondering about the photography, the acting, or the story anymore. Worst, with a science-fiction movie, I will also judge about the realism of their physics and the quality of their special effects. Hopefully at some stage, I stop analyzing and just immerse myself in the story of the movie.

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