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July 1 2014 , Written by Wing-Fai Thi

One stressful human activity is definitively moving since our societies are mostly sedentary. Moving to the same country is already complicated, moving abroad to a town and country where we have never lived before is almost an adventure. What is the best occasion to write about moving than being in the process myself and helping a couple of friends all within two months and sitting in the train back to Grenoble. Life of a non-tenure researcher is made of uncertainties, moving around, and hopping from contract to contract. As I wrote in a previous blog I always strive to make the best out of it. One thing I have learned is not get attached to objects since the less one posses the easier is to move. Internet has made being in a foreign country less difficult. One can stay connected to your family and friends although for each move I miss the new friends I have made in Grenoble. Paradoxically I would never had met them at the first place if I have not moved. Likewise I would not meet many of them if they have not moved to Grenoble. When I list the places I would go if I was going to visit my friends and relatives I realize that I can visit so many places in the world on every continent.


All my books, music, movies, or pictures can be transported with a hard drive. Two (large) bags are all I (almost) need to move my clothes. Even that, a move would make a good opportunity to renew entirely a garderobe. Others like to be surrounded by objects that remind them the places and people they left. Once I got ride of my novels to charity shops. Those with a partner and family face many others issues. But I am glad that I can still manage the "two luggage" move. I will be happy to move to a new country and settle there if I meet the right person.


When I read in the news about those who died while looking for a better life in Europe, I am relief that my moves are pleasant in comparison (even if I have to help moving 50 boxes). I am lucky sitting in a comfortable train writing the blog.

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